Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creative Occupation

I earned a communication degree and have worked in (healthcare marketing for most of my life.

I was proud to have a communication degree. Actually, I was about the only one in my family that had gone off to the big city to get a communication degree. I still have the sheep skin to show for) it. It took me several years to pay for the piece of paper.

And, when I got my first job, I was excited. Since then, it has been a dog-eat-dog career but I've enjoyed doing.

And, to be totally candid, I'd made a respectable living for my family. Oh, I missed a few ball games but I was able to pay the bills. As I think about it, I'm sorry about the things I missed and wish I could have done it differently.

After this normal working arrangement, I discovered about something that was exciting€¦.something that allowed me to be creative€¦AA€¦and something that provided me with a great income.

I was a little worried that I could keep the money coming in without the traditional job but I've been surprised to see there are more than one way to skin a cat.

Now, I have so much appreciation for my life. I can be at the dance recitals with my family.

The better thing is that I have income coming in while I'm with the kids. And, the ability to come and go is the amazing thing.

With a degree, I have some skills that helps me in my new web-based marketing job. But, I wouldn't have to have a education to do this job. If you have talents, you can do it! You obviously have talents or you wouldn't be reading my career path.

I can still use the things I learned in my college classes. When I went to training, there wasn't all the web. But, as times have moved forward, I'm able to use the formal training in a progressive.

Thank you for reading my story. I think you'll be thanking me after you've explored this. I won't say it - but it is so simple and easy. So, don't put your life on hold with getting an education. Just start making money.

Really, you don't need to know fractions to bring home the bacon. You just have to have social marketing interests. And, honestly, almost everyone uses social networking these days. So, why not get income from something that's fun.

Check out this marketing career today.


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