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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Preparing For and Making a Career Change

In my youth, I observed that, in England at least, most people wanted to get out of their jobs. Their "career", whatever it was, only existed to get a regular income. The millions of people who did the football pools, and later the lottery, were a testimony to the "let me out of here" dreams of the majority. "Win the pools, and retire."

Times may have changed in general, but the fact that most people are not content with their jobs has remained unchanged. Career, employer or job change, or early retirement, are in the minds of tens of millions of people across the world. Only a small minority will ever actually go full out for a career change; it is far too easy just to plod along doing the same old things in the same old place.

However, some people are more serious. These are the people with "get up and go" who actually do get up and go. These are the people who really do change their working lives, sometimes drastically.

Why Do Some People Want to Change Careers?

There are many possible reasons for wanting a career change. The following are just a few of the more common ones.

1. To some people, being in the same job, or even the same type of job, for too long is just unthinkable. I certainly fall into this category, and personally think total career changes can be a vital contributor to a satisfying life. I always want to learn something new, and do something new, once I have mastered what I was doing before. New challenges are an essential part of every day life.

2. Midlife career changes might be the result of a sort of career midlife crisis. This can particularly be so for someone who has always done the same job, and suddenly realize their years are slipping away and they have really done very little with their working years.

3. Dissatisfaction with a current employer, either in terms of recognition, prospects or pay.

4. Boredom is a common cause of wanting a career change.

5. Lack of fulfillment in the current career or employment.

The above are some of the broad reasons people may seek a career change, but each individual is likely to have a different mix of reasons to consider changing their career.

Tips For Preparing for a Career Change

There are many sources of career change advice, both online and offline. Sometimes this can be given on an individual basis, or just in the form of written material which you can consume at your leisure. As a career is a personal matter, and all individuals are different, then personal consultation is better by far. However, advisors are individuals too, and the advice may vary from from career counselor to career counselor.

The quality and quantity of career change advice available to you offline will vary greatly between countries and localities, and you may find that some of the online advice is, at least in part, to one country, particularly the US. However, the following career change tips can apply to anyone, anywhere, and are based on my own experience; they may not appear anywhere else, might be considered unconventional, but are designed to get you thinking and planning well in advance for one or a series of career changes:

1. Travel as widely as possible. I do not mean go on vacation with a million other holiday makers on a well trodden path, but broaden your mind, experience and understanding through traveling in other countries of various cultures. It is best to travel alone for maximum experience. With hindsight, I am sure that my travels as a 20 year old and younger helped to give me the flexibility and adaptability to make a sudden move from one life direction to another. When traveling freely, you can always go just where you want to go, and the same can be true of your working life, or careers, if you have that flexible attitude from the beginning.

2. Most people have interests and talents that are quite separate from their primary career ambition. Always try to develop those skills and talents in parallel to your existing or imminent career. The more skills you have, the more knowledge you have, the more likely it is that, when the time comes to make a career change, it will be that much easier.

3. When in a chosen career, always add new skills and keep up to date with developments in that career. The opportunity may come along for you to specialize within that career, or diversify from it.

4. Plan your life in 5 year blocks. It is amazing how much can be achieved and changed in 5 years. My own life and working life bear little resemblance to even 7 years ago, and has changed drastically in the last 4 years. Formulating a 5 year plan for yourself at 20, 25, 30 and so on can be a great help in getting your prepared for all sorts of changes and developments. When formulating that plan, consider your career options during that coming period, and what you can do over that 5 years to prepare yourself for a career change beyond that 5 year period.

5. Have a program of self improvement to increase your confidence and prevent or overcome fear. Many people stay in the same job far too long, because of fear of change. Using meditation and relaxation techniques can help in this area of your life.

6. Keep control of your finances, and develop a financial success system . Always budget effectively, and never spend beyond your means. Always think in terms of building your assets. Saving from your monthly and income, and learning to invest wisely, can help you build wealth while most of those around you are borrowing, overspending, and digging a financial grave.

Why is a financial success system important when it comes to career change planning? Poor finances can be an inhibiting factor in making a career change. If your finances are in good shape, and you have adequate reserves, you have more time to switch successfully to a new career, even a new way of life. Financial fear can be a big drawback to making a career change.

By adopting some or all of the above tips, you should find yourself better prepared in the future to make a career change. Hopefully, that career change will be one that has evolved from your own desires, your own plans. However, sometimes career changes are forced by redundancy, technical developments in your chosen career, companies being taken over or going bust, outsourcing or other change in your working environment. Be prepared.

This career development article article was written by Roy Thomas, owner and part author of the Routes To Self Improvement website.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Industrial Maintenance Careers

Are you interested in a career in industrial maintenance? If you're the right person for these types of jobs, you'll probably have no trouble finding work as there are many tasks that need to be performed in the world of work. If you are a problem solver, love to work with your hands, are mechanically inclined and have always been intrigued with machinery, this may be the career field to utilize your talents.

Workers who choose this employment path are drawn to figuring out how things work and how to fix them when they break down. The classifications for skills required can be divided into five parts including welding, electrical, mechanical, automotive and general prevention tactics. Individuals who train for this job take courses and obtain experience in a variety of ways. Here are some things to think about:

- What a worker may need to do during his daily rounds: There are lots of hands-on repair tasks that must be performed. This may be in a manufacturing plant, factory, or in a segment of the automotive industry. Techs are intimately involved in safety, maintenance and installations of all types of machines. Reading plans and performing mathematical equations will also be required in most of these positions.

- Training possibilities: There are multiple training possibilities for the different types of jobs. An individual can get a two year Associate's Degree in Industrial Maintenance. He or she can also obtain a one year certificate in specific areas such as hydraulics, welding, automotive mechanics, power plant maintenance, surface or underground mechanics. He or she can get on-the-job training or learn about various aspects if enlisted in a branch of the military.

- Aptitudes and Abilities: Individuals should be adept at working with their hands, reading blueprints, mathematics, be handy with tools, be great problem solvers, be able to follow directions and communicate effectively with others as well as being physically strong. Since an individual will be lifting lots of heavy items, being in good physical shape and able to tote heavy poundage will be a must. If a person is planning this type of career, it would be wise to begin weight training, doing pushups or starting on a fitness regimen to build upper body strength.

- Classes to be taken: An array of stimulating classes would be taken in order to become degreed or certified. Some examples include those in blueprint reading, computer technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, motors and controls, machine installation and maintenance, industrial controllers and the programming of them.

For individuals who are interested in industrial maintenance and who have a natural aptitude at mechanics and math, this field could be a great career choice. There are always going to be machines in every industry that need to be maintained, repaired and installed. If a person thinks he or she is the right person for the job, obtaining the proper training can start him or her on the path.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why You Should Take Advantage Of The Resources For Immigrants

A lot of men and women are entertaining thoughts of migrating to Canada each and every single day. The situation is no longer favorable, particularly in the third world countries. It has become quite difficult for a lot of people to find a decent job, in order to have finances to sustain their needs and wants. Because of this, it comes to no surprise why these individuals begin to entertain thoughts of leaving their home country, in order to obtain greener pastures. We are all well- aware of the fact that migrating to another foreign land can be challenging. You will be technically the foreigner there. You won't know anyone, and you would need to adjust to an entirely different culture. Although it can be difficult and challenging, people still prefer to migrate to Canada. If you have intentions of legally moving or working there, you need to see to it that you do your research, and take advantage of the available resources for immigrants.

One of the best places to start your research is on the internet. Ever since its advent, a lot of men and women's lives have become easier. Even if you do not have enough time because you are too busy with the kids or with your job, you can still find a few minutes every day to work with your computer and laptop. When conducting your research, you need to see to it that you find out what are the requirements that need to be met, and the documents and papers you need to secure. You should also find out what classification of immigrant you can belong in, so that you will be able to simplify your search. When you are able to determine this, you can start securing the documents and requirements that will be useful for your application. Keep in mind that there are a lot of immigrant classifications, here are some of them:

- Skilled workers
- Family sponsorship
- Investors
- Entrepreneurs

Moreover, you need to see to it that you find out as much as you can with regard to the culture that is being practiced in the employment of your choice. Keep in mind that it will be different from what you have been accustomed to in your own country, which is why it is imperative that you find out as much as you can, so that you will know what actions and behaviors are deemed appropriate and not. Finding out as much as you can will also help you adapt quickly.

Whether you intend to migrate for work or educational purposes, you need to take advantage of the various resources, because these can greatly help you learn what you need to know about Canada and its culture.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Management Skills That Get You Noticed

There's no shame in admitting your management skills aren't up to par. In fact, there's something exciting about a potential Office Hero who understands they need to grow in order to improve, impress, and inspire. Self-assessment is the first step on the ladder of success and one of the important management skills you need. By spotting opportunities for growth you can work toward becoming the person you want to be (both in your professional and personal life). Not only that, your boss will notice your drive and your work mates will admire your dedication.

Capitalizing on the Need for Effective Management Skills
Now more than ever companies are wanting to promote from within. Doing so eliminates the costly recruitment process and also gives them access to employees that are already on-board and up to speed. As Meghan Bro, Forbes' leadership contributor, recently noted, it takes a new hire up to two years (#1) before they hit the performance level of an insured manager. By promoting from within, companies have access to candidates that help them bridge transitions without missing a beat.

But those employees--the ones who have the management skills to fill leadership openings--are hard to come by. Why? As Victor Lima wrote in Forbes (#2), "the diverse skill sets that go into making someone an effective manager are not always easy to find rolled into one person."

The good news is you can build those attractive skills into your own repertoire. When you showcase them in your everyday performance, your bosses will notice. You'll become one of those sought-after leaders and be the first in line when an opportunity to promote from within arises.

Jumpstart Your Professional and Personal Development

Where should you begin? With the skills you already have! If you want to grow in a professional capacity, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, just build on the foundation that's already there.

We all have an internal perception of our prowess but it's important to know how you're viewed by your work mates. Joseph Dolman(#3), a behavioral statistician, says multiple streams of feedback are essential in order for us to identify potential opportunities and build upon them. "We all need feedback to be successful. We're like a GPS: With only one satellite, the GPS can't predict your location." Dolman continues, stating that "with only self-insight to rely upon, you can't be sure if you're in line to become the Janitor or the CEO.'" Dolman says seeking out feedback, rather than just taking what we're given, is essential for professional growth. Managers, peers, colleagues, and direct reports are all excellent sources of feedback and tapping into them all will give you the variety you need in order to piece together a true account of your current management skills.

But it's also important not to overlook crucial "soft" skills when building your managerial foundation.

Balance AA€Sara€ and AA€Sofia€ Management Skills

On-the-job experience will earn you the technical skills you need to succeed but being a good leader isn't just about technical knowledge. It's about incorporating knowledge with finer "people skills." MAD Office Hero leadership tools can help you develop an appropriate balance of skills (both technical and intangible) and teach you to never stop adapting. Soon you'll be making a difference at your workplace and your boss will notice how you're becoming an Office Superhero - one that's ready to fill the next leadership position that opens up.


Creative Occupation

I earned a communication degree and have worked in (healthcare marketing for most of my life.

I was proud to have a communication degree. Actually, I was about the only one in my family that had gone off to the big city to get a communication degree. I still have the sheep skin to show for) it. It took me several years to pay for the piece of paper.

And, when I got my first job, I was excited. Since then, it has been a dog-eat-dog career but I've enjoyed doing.

And, to be totally candid, I'd made a respectable living for my family. Oh, I missed a few ball games but I was able to pay the bills. As I think about it, I'm sorry about the things I missed and wish I could have done it differently.

After this normal working arrangement, I discovered about something that was exciting€¦.something that allowed me to be creative€¦AA€¦and something that provided me with a great income.

I was a little worried that I could keep the money coming in without the traditional job but I've been surprised to see there are more than one way to skin a cat.

Now, I have so much appreciation for my life. I can be at the dance recitals with my family.

The better thing is that I have income coming in while I'm with the kids. And, the ability to come and go is the amazing thing.

With a degree, I have some skills that helps me in my new web-based marketing job. But, I wouldn't have to have a education to do this job. If you have talents, you can do it! You obviously have talents or you wouldn't be reading my career path.

I can still use the things I learned in my college classes. When I went to training, there wasn't all the web. But, as times have moved forward, I'm able to use the formal training in a progressive.

Thank you for reading my story. I think you'll be thanking me after you've explored this. I won't say it - but it is so simple and easy. So, don't put your life on hold with getting an education. Just start making money.

Really, you don't need to know fractions to bring home the bacon. You just have to have social marketing interests. And, honestly, almost everyone uses social networking these days. So, why not get income from something that's fun.

Check out this marketing career today.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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